FSC considers the following to be the top ten threats to freedom of speech and First Amendment rights of nonprofits and agencies:


Campaign reform bills which contain provisions which would violate freedom of speech and other constitutional rights.


Legislation and regulations that would unconstitutionally restrict issue advocacy.


Legislation requiring disclosure of the names of donors or members of advocacy organizations.


Congressional hearings and subpoenas that would unlawfully require nonprofits or agencies to disclose confidential information.


Federal regulations that violate the Constitution and laws of the United States (e.g., most of the Federal Election Commission's proposed new definitions of "member" for associations with connected PACs).


Accounting standards governing the reporting of joint fundraising costs that require nonprofits to misrepresent fundraising expenditures.


IRS efforts to retroactively hold members of the board of directors of nonprofit organizations personally liable for fines where arms-length contracts are deemed after the fact to have been too generous by the IRS.


State laws that require professional solicitors to sign an Irrevocable Consent for Service form appointing a state official to receive legal service on their behalf, thus precluding solicitors from designating local counsel to receive legal service.


Intrusive and unconstitutional provisions of New Hampshire's charitable solicitation law.


Efforts by state Attorneys General and self-styled consumer groups to select and publicize worthy and unworthy charities, based upon cost allocations.