No. 1 (April 4, 1994)

Action Needed To Stop Bad Lobbying Regulation

FSC Testifies Against FEC Limitations On Advocacy Organizations

FSC Opposes Additional IRS Burdens On Advocacy Organizations

FSC Investigates Challenge To AICPA Exposure Draft

New Ways To Penalize Nonprofit Organizations

No. 2 (May 17, 1994)

Lobby Disclosure Bills, H.R. 823, S. 349

Membership Campaign Announced

Welcome To New FSC Members

State Regulators Seek Broad Powers To Attack Nonprofit Organizations

Federal Legislation Watch

No. 3 (June 22, 1994)

CBBB Would Further Regulate Nonprofit Program Appeals

No. 4 (September 1994)

Free Speech Leadership Conference Set

FSC To Submit Amicus Brief For Second Circuit To Consider
Regarding Legality Of Professional Solicitor Fee

Kentucky Law Called An Impermissible Prior Restraint

Telemarketing Fraud Bill Signed Into Law

Social Security Administrative Reform Act Of 1994

No. 5 (November 1994)

The New Powers That Be: The Congress

The New Powers That Be: The States

FSC 1994 Leadership Conference

FSC Amicus Brief Accepted By Second Circuit

FSC Shares Its Views With Virginia

NAAG/NASCO’s Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Cumulative and Compounded: The Problem Of Over-Regulation

No. 1 (February 1995)

Another FSC Amicus Brief: The Center For Auto Safety v. Athey

FSC Calls For Arter’s Removal

A New “C3”: The Free Speech Defense and Education Fund

Legislative Briefing Breakfast Called “Great Success”

Federal Trade Commission Attaches Burdensome Fines
On Late Premium Deliveries

Lobbying Registration and Disclosure

Around The States

Cumulative and Compounded: The Problem Of Over-Regulation

No. 2 (June 1995)

Congressman Bunning’s Hearings Against Nonprofit Mail “On Track”

Congressman Mica Seeks To Strip Some Nonprofits' Access
To Federal Employees’ Payroll Contributions

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Center For Auto Safety v. Athey

State Charitable Solicitation Laws: Limited Relief In Sight

AICPA Releases Exposure Draft Of Proposed Audit & Accounting Guide
For Nonprofits

No. 3 (August - September 1995)

FSC Holds Legislative Briefing With Congressman Staff On Nonprofit Regulation

FSDEF President Testifies On House Lobbying Reform Bill

FSC Considers Challenge To AICPA Rule

Eye On The Bureaucracy

No. 4 (October 1995)

Lobbying Disclosure Act Still Threatens Nonprofits

NASCO Unresponsive To Nonprofit Community’s Concerns

Postal Service Changes Eligibility For Special Nonprofit Rates

Status Of Istook Amendment

FTC Regulates Charitable Phone Solicitation To Death?

Seeking Access To Nonprofit’s Membership, Other Confidential Records

AICPA Ignores Flood of Objections, Moves To Adopt New Joint Costs Rule

No. 1 (January - February 1996)

FSC Opposes IRS Proposed “Intermediate Sanctions”

Avrahami v. U.S. News & World Report: Direct Mail Recipient Suffers Setback

New Congressional Bill To Stifle Public Speech

Lobbying Disclosure Act Becomes Law

New House and Senate Gift Rules

Barriers To New Charities Almost Insuperable

No. 2 (March - April 1996)

State Bureaucrats Add Burdens To Nonprofits, Fund Raisers

West Virginia Can Demand Disclaimers, Copies Of Solicitations

No. 3 (May - June 1996)

North Dakota: Only “Worthy” Charities May Solicit In State

Washington Kills Proposed Audit Requirement

Utah Rescinds Fingerprinting Requirement

FSDEF Begins Fundraising Drive

No. 4 (July - August 1996)

AICPA New Accounting Standards Could Make Direct Mailers Look Bad

Legal Analysis In Opposition To Senate Subpoenas Released

Court Strikes Down L.A. Law Limiting Solicitation To Registered Nonprofits

No. 5 (September - October 1996)

New Hampshire Compels Speech; Micromanages Nonprofits

Hawaii Ends Nonprofit Registration

Double Sanctions Threaten Nonprofits Under TBOR2

IRS Charged With Political Harassment

North Carolina: Nonprofits Responsible For Contractors’ Actions

FSC Urges End To Oklahoma Bottleneck

No. 6 (November - December 1996)

Elections Bring New Challenges for Nonprofits’ Free Speech Rights

Federal Government Bans “Social Security”

Government Plans to Put You Out of Business

No. 1 (January - February 1997)

Nebraska Repeals Solicitation Law

U.S. House Requires “Truth In Testimony”

Menendez Bill Would Limit Nonprofits’ Compensation

Hearings A Prelude To Punishing Nonprofits’ Advocacy?

McIntosh Bill Would Close “Loophole” In Lobbying Disclosure Act

FSDEF Rescues Christian Action Network’s Lawsuit

No. 2 (March - April 1997)

FSC Member Scores Victory Against North Carolina Regulators

McCain-Feingold: A Hidden Attack On Nonprofits

Doolittle Proposes Disclosure Without Regulation Of Political Speech

FSC Capitol Hill Legislative Breakfast With Sen. McConnell

No. 3 (May - June 1997)

Nonprofit Leaders Expose Senate “Witch Hunt”

Vermont Taxes Lobbying, Limits Political Speech

Clinton Administration Seeks End To Buckley Protections

Consumer Protection Or Bureaucratic Racket? Issued By FSC

FEC Seeks Comments On Banning “Soft Money”

Free Speech Coalition Targeted By Pennsylvania

No. 4 (September - October 1997)

AICPA New Accounting Standards Could Make Direct Mailers Look Bad

Senate Expands List Of Targeted Nonprofits

Legal Analysis In Opposition To Senate Subpoenas Released

Court Strikes Down L.A. Law Limiting Solicitation To Registered Nonprofits

Politicians’ Reason For Limiting The First Amendment, Part 1

No. 5 (November - December 1997)

FSDEF Rallies Support For Challenge To Utah Statute:
26 Nonprofits and Companies Sign On To FSDEF Amicus Brief


FSDEF Files An Amicus Curiae Brief

States Decide To File Amicus Brief

FSC Tells Story Behind Headlines On Senate Subpoenas

FEC Proposes New Definition Of “Member” For Associations With A PAC

Postal Service’s Final Rule On “Back-End” Premiums

IRS Contemplates Raising Threshold To File Form 990

No. 1 (January - February 1998)

1997 IN REVIEW: FSC Sponsored Capitol Hill Legislative Breakfast
With Senator McConnell

Federal Legislation Threatened Nonprofits

Congressional Hearings Threatened Nonprofits and Agencies

FSC and FSC Members Influenced FEC & IRS Regulations

New Laws, Rules, Regulations and Requirements

AICPA Released New Accounting Standards For Joint Cost Allocation

Federal & State Efforts To Limit Free Speech

Court Decisions Affecting Nonprofits

FSC Member Scored Victory Against North Carolina Regulators
Up-To-Date Information On State Charitable Solicitation Laws FSDEF

FSDEF Assisted Christian Action Network’s Lawsuit

FSDEF Rallied Support For Challenge To Utah Statute

No. 2 (May 1998)

FSDEF Supports Appeal Of Tax Court Decision In United Cancer Council

Legislative Efforts To Censor Issue Advocacy Before U.S. House

Update On Challenge To Utah Charitable Solicitations Statute

No. 3 (August 1998)

Censorship of Nonprofit Issue Advocacy Passes U.S. House

IRS Issues Proposed Intermediate Sanctions Regulations

State Charitable Solicitation Speech Police Visit Nonprofits

FSC Leadership Considers Litigation Against AICPA Over SOP 98-2

Oklahoma Attacks Nonprofit For Failure To Register Under Dormant
State Charitable Solicitation Statute

New Law Protects Charitable Donations from Bankruptcy Courts

United Cancer Council Case Amicus Briefs Filed

Supreme Court Refuses To Define Political Committee

No. 4 (September-October 1998)

ATA Appeals District Court Decision In Giani Case

Senate Silences Congressional Effort To Censor Issue Advocacy

Update On United Cancer Council Case

Bill Offers Judicial Review Of FASB Accounting Principles

FSDEF Selects Two New Board Members

Voting Rights Institute Seeks To Overturn First Amendment Protection
Of Political Speech

Appeals Court Finds City Violated Nonprofit’s First Amendment Rights

No. 5 (December 1998)

FSC Seeks AICPA Reconsideration Of SOP 98-2

FSDEF Files Amicus Brief In 10th Circuit ATA v. Giani Appeal

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Effort To Reduce First Amendment Protections
Of Political Speech

New Nonprofit Postage Rates Become Effective January 10, 1999

IRS Drops Proposal To Raise Threshold For Form 990 Reporting

New Law Protects Charitable Donations From Bankruptcy Courts

United Cancer Council Case Amicus Briefs Filed

AARP, Federal Trade Commission and State Attorneys General
Jointly Attack Telephone Solicitations

No. 1 (January - February 1999)

FEC Solicits Comments On Express Advocacy

U.S. Supreme Court To Review Campaign Contribution Limits

State Attorneys General File Their Amicus Brief Late In ATA Case

No. 2 (March - April 1999)

FSC Comments On Proposed Intermediate Sanctions Regulations

AICPA Rejects FSC Request For Reconsideration Of SOP 98-2

FSC Comments At FEC Hearing On Proposed Definition of “Membership”

FSC Supports Revision of FEC’s Express Advocacy Regulations

Speech Regulators Routinely Violate The Federal Privacy Act

California State Appeals Court Decisions Question Constitutionality
Of Mandatory Disclosure Law

No. 3 (May - June 1999)

So-called Sweepstakes Bill Passes Senate Unanimously

FEC Publishes Final Rule Re-Defining “Membership”

Postal Service Reduces Nonprofit Periodicals Rates

Eight States Now Have Do-Not-Call List Laws

IRS Loses Two More Cases On Mailing List Rental Income

California Attorney General To Toughen Charitable Fundraising Oversight

No. 4 (November-December 1999)

Oral Argument Before 10th Circuit in ATA v. Giani

Deceptive Mail Bill Becomes Law

Issue Advocacy Censorship Passes House, Not Senate

Philanthropy Monthly Explains Effect of Abusive State Regulation

AARP Fights $3 Million Postal Fine




No.1 (January-February 2000)

10th Circuit Decision in ATA v. Giani Strikes Down Provisions of Utah Act

FSC to Publish Compliance Guides

IRS Seeks First Intermediate Sanctions in Tax Courtv

Missouri, Indiana Bills Would Create No-Call List, New Revenue Streams

Nonprofits Face Another Postal Rate Increase

North Carolina Right to Life Challenges State’s Election Law in Court

No. 2 (May-June 2000)

FSDEF Files U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief in ATA v. Giani

FSC Files Comments on Postal Service’s Deceptive Mail Regulations

Republican Fundraising Letter Examined Under Deceptive Mail Act

United Cancer Council Case SettledUnited Cancer Council Case Settled

Congress Considers New Non-profit Reporting and Disclosures



No. 3 (November - December 2000)

Regulating the Internet

ATA lawsuit Challenges USPS Cooperative Mailing Rule

USPS Issues Deceptive Mail Regulations

New law Requires IRC 527's Report Donors

FSC Submits Testimony Agagainst Abuses by Postal Inspection Services

United Cancer Council Case Settled